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This is the official database of Neutron Monitor count rates during Ground Level Enhancements (GLEs) caused by solar energetic particles. After being created and maintained by Luis Gentile, Peggy Shea, Don Smart and Marc Duldig, this database has been moved to the University of Oulu, Finland in 2014. Please acknowledge this website when using the data.
The data on the website is served from database. Original data files (the source of "truth") can be found at this link. Data in the original files takes precedence over database content if these appear different.


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The database is hosted and managed by the Oulu Cosmic Ray Station of the University of Oulu, Finland. Please acknowledge this website when using the data.
Data manager: Prof. Ilya Usoskin, Website issues: Dr. Askar Ibragimov Acknowlegements: we appreciate contribution by A. Belov, M. Duldig, E. Eroshenko, L. Gentile, J. Humble, H. Moraal, M. Shea, D. Smart, V. Yanke, and an army of individual NM station managers who performed tremendous work on collecting data presented in this database. We acknowledge the use of data from WDC CR for calibration of the data in some cases.

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